New expression to get address from latlon, or get latlon from address vice versa

I wish to have simple expression to return latlong from address value, or other way around, to get the address from latlon value.
I only could manage this by writing app script, but it is just wasting time.

I wish to intuitive expression like



This has been requested several times… there’s a detailed string about it somewhere.


Thanks Matt! I got it.

For Address column, as the user keeps typing, the app should assist them to complete the address (show candidate etc) and then such address should be made recognizable by Google so that they geocode for whatever use, convert to latlon, show on map etc.

Hope this is in the pipeline.

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The address column already DOES suggest things, it’s just not as quick as googles predictive auto-complete.

Maybe that predictive power will find it’s way into our apps once AppSheet is more tightly integrated into the GCP! :crossed_fingers:

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Oh, i didnt know that! what a shame.

Yes, definitely this will become more user friendly with GCP!

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We would love to see this as well.