New feature feedback. New Actions have dynamically changing auto-suggestions of names and icons. Extremely annoying!

Thank you for the Gif. It seems like the bug fix did not touch this use case. I am looking into it and will send a fix soon. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.


I dont know if this is related but why are new views being given the default name of “card” ?

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New views are now being given a default name of their type, Lynn. And the default view type is the Card view. If you change the type to a different type, it’ll change the name too - e.g. if you change your new view from a Card view to a Map view, the name will change to “Map”. Note that these defaults will never override anything you type yourself.

This name stuff is also part of the idea to try to give better defaults when you make things in the editor. Many new users get pretty overwhelmed with all the features and fields and such in the editor, and so they might not even think to change the name of a new View. So, they play around with the editor for a little bit, then look at their emulator and see “New View 1 | New View 2 | New View 3” in the bottom menu tray, which isn’t exactly helpful. (they might not even remember what a “View” is!) Now, at least, they’ll see something like “Card | Calendar | Map”.


Perhaps include the data set name, too?

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@Joseph_Ryan @aneeshgarg thought you should be aware of this minor bug that is based around the automatic editor suggestions functionality. Repro is as follows:

  1. Create new action.
  2. Actions seem to default to action type of “data: set value of some columns”
  3. Manually select a column (this step overrides the auto-suggestion)
  4. Change the table to another table that does NOT have the column selected in previous step
  5. Save, and the error will popup.

Here’s a GIF of the repro, and a screenshot of the ending error.

Not a huge deal here, but perhaps you’d like to make it better.


Thanks for the bug report Marc, I’ll look into that. I think this one might just be a normal editor bug rather than something with the new feature, but we do try to fix those too. :wink:

Also thanks for the suggestion Steve. I’ll have to think about this one… it would make sense for a lot of tables, but then some tables with longer names might be too bulky for views in the bottom menu tray.

At any rate, I fixed the previous bug that was reported with the icons. I think it should be deployed today. (and if not today, then the next release, which will be, IIRC, Tuesday because of the holiday weekend)

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Another one here.

I created an Action of type “Data: execute an action on a set of rows”. I had already specified a name, as well as a Referenced Table, Referenced Rows, and Referenced Action. I then went to edit the name again, and the editor completely changed all 3 “Referenced…” settings.


Yep, there seems to be an invalid assumption that the form is completed strictly top-down. I’ve suffered this, too.