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i am using my app (accounts) since many years , this main app (report ) uses different apps for data input and storage (7 to 8 apps through menu) . Every time when year changes i have to copy all the apps and Data file to use for the new year. If there any feature so i could use the different sheet as a table for the same set of apps.

This is regarding quick switch to different Sheets with the same set of apps

Data Partitions could solve the issue of your own I believe.
You create multiple sheets, for instance, 2020, 2021, 2022 and so on. Make sure those table has exactly identical data schema.
Then create usersetting something like “year” . It is depending on your requirement, but as example you create enum type with values of 2020, 2021, 2022 and set initial value to year(today()).
This automatically pick up the value of “year” as number.

Then on the target data table, you use data partitioning.
When usersetting(“year”) returns 2020, then you direct the sheet to 2020, and like for others.

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Thanks for your recommendations

will absolutely consider if my existing plan allow that.

thanks once again for your valuable time



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