New feature: Trigger other bots

“We released in preview a new advanced feature that supports data changes happening in one Bot can trigger other Bots to execute”

Please see this page for detailed explanations: Creating a bot | AppSheet Help Center

Feel free to reach us if you are seeing any issues, or have any questions.


Thank you @Lusha_Wang1 for your works to bring this on our table.
We tested before and now re-tested with our sample app which is working fine.
Yes, indeed it repeats 5 times max to avoid looping endlessly.
Great job.
This is one of additional feature which we did not have at the time of Ex-workflow, I admit.



Exciting! I think this is a great feature, particularly the “Wait for execution”. I hope this can improve consistency for complex tasks that perform batch data processes or use the AppSheet API.

@Lusha_Wang1 how does the system handle recursive triggering of Bots? ex. Bot A performs a data change that triggers Bot B. Bot B then performs a data change that triggers Bot A.

Maybe @tsuji_koichi already described that it loops 5 times and then stops?

Hi @Stefan_Quartemont, yes, the bot triggering chain will stop after 5 times.

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Yeah, two bots go on a rally - just 5 times