New filter feature

I tread search using the new filter feature and I got Not set for column type Enum .

Please advise


Hi @Mouldi_Zeghouani

The new filter feature is in Preview, so we’re collecting feedback from users.
It seems our choice of words (Not set) led to some confusion. What it means when you see it in the filter, is that your data attribute may not be set. In other words, the data attribute is simply blank.

We’ll consider replacing “Not set” to something else.
Does that answer your question?


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Thank you for your reply my data in column customer is not blank and the words Not set showing just for columns type Enum.

please find the picture below

Ah ok. I think I know what is happening.

Can you confirm that your ‘Customer Name’ column has no Values in its definition (see Data > Columns) and that it allows other values?
In the screenshot below, I expect that you have no values in the Type Details > Values section.

As a side note, any particular reason you use the Enum data type for ‘Customer Name’ instead of the Name data type?

Thank you.

Thank you for your reply.

To answer your question, I used the Enum data type for the Customer Name’ instead of the Name data type because it is much easier and faster to add and search a customer. As for the Name data type you would have to add the customer name every time.

Thank you

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