New form view to auto fill the value

I am developing an application where we are letting Sales agents schedule calls with the clients who are at various stages of the pipeline. In order to do so, I have created a dashboard view where one can view all the stages and I am giving quick edit buttons to change the stages / open calendar view to schedule call etc. Currently when I click on the schedule meeting quick edit button it takes me to a different view in the same application (Calendar form view). In this view I am getting the details such as start date, end date etc along with user ID.
Currently, the sales representative has to select the ID from the drop down and they want if it can be an auto fill depending on from where they clicked the quick edit button. Can any one please help me with this.

Dash board view

Upon clicking the schedule meeting quick edit button

Please take a look at the LINKTOFORM() action and relevant sample app.

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Thank you. That works :slight_smile: