New Format rule to change background color for text and actions

I wish to have addtional format rule to change the background color for text as well as actions.

I mocked the app to share my thoughts.

In various google workspace applications, such as gmail, Keep etc, there is options to put label which is showing the button shaped text with background color. It should be formally called as tag, label or signs whatsoever we call, but it is quite useful to stand out the strings such as status column as I illustrated in the mock as above.

Secondly, it would help to create the custom button with text to fire actions. Currently, the inline action as well as action on the Card View is just a text, not really appealing to the app user they are" action button"

In case we are able to change the background color for text/action, they are getting more standing out like this, it appears to be more “button” to guide user to interact actions to do something. Even just adding border like will make this card view action to stand out…


Just to improve the user experience with the more intuitive UI.

All in all, we need to control the CSS for background-color + border-radius properties.

Thank you.


I just noticed that card view text action is now shoing the colored batched like this when we apply custom color.

Is it intended?