New image resizer

Quick summary: Images now will be served by google infrastructure. We anticipate no noticeable changes to app behaviour.


We are rolling out a new image resizer that replaces the one we currently use in Cloudflare. New image resizer utilizes google infrastructure and allows us to have more control over the image processing. As a result this should decrease image loading time and improve reliability. We upgraded our caching mechanism that will improve performance as well. The goal is to change the way all images are served by appsheet, that affects all app views, reports and emails.

Before that change all images were served by either or endpoint. Now it is replaced by a single endpoint. This new endpoint instead of serving image content returns a redirect to another url that looks like Those urls use wide google infrastructure to serve images, that allows us to serve images quicker and more reliable.

Important note that custom built gettablefileurl will continue to work. Hyperlink to an Image

Let me know if you have any questions or issues with new image resizer.

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We just updated our own knowledgebase in terms of how to mamually construct the full path out of image type data field.


@Steve , probably we need to update the official document as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


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At the moment you can’t do that because getimageurl require a valid signature, meaning it’s only server generated urls for now. That’s one of the reasons why gettablefileurl is still in place for manually constructed urls. But most likely it will change soon and you would be able to contstuct getimageurl links. I’ll update it once it’s ready.

Ah, okey. So we stay as we were, to construct url manually on client side.
Sure, please let us know.

We wish gettableurl endpoint will be avaialble after full implementaiton, as we have been implemented this endpoint here and there in bunch of apps (mostly every apps we deployed)

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Awesome! I look forward to noticing images loading faster in apps, that was always annoyingly slow.


@igor, please be sure to update the docs on

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yes, otherwise we get confused.

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Once this is fully implemented, i m curious to know if or not this setting of “require image and file url signing” would affect us.