New Inline Views Title Display

Hello everyone! I really liked the new inline view title display. However, it doesn’t show accent marks properly.

For instance, in the image below, the word is “TRANSFERÊNCIAS”, but it doesn’t show the accent mark (^) properly.

Can you check it out?


I realized that this issue happens only for uppercase words.

By the way, it would be good to better format it. I’ve been using “show columns” that show icons aligned to the text, on the top of an inline view. However, if I set a format rule to “related tables column” it looks like the image below. Icons are not showed aligned to the display name of the related table.


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I recommend opening a support ticket for this part.

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Hi @WillowMobileSystems, thanks for the tip. It seems to be a UX issue. I didn’t find any announcements related to this new UX update. As I said, it doesn’t show accent marks for uppercase words properly. I´m opening a ticket anyway.