New"ish" user here,,, I'm creating a quote ...

(David Askew) #1

New"ish" user here, I’m creating a quote tracker based on an existing spreadsheet, (in use since long before I joined the firm), we have 6 categories of products, with 3 columns for each, Out for Quote, Scheduled for Quote, and Quote ready to send.

Out for Quote and Ready to send are both Yes or No, Scheduled is a date. Depending on the job, anywhere from 1 to all 6 categories are being utilized, so rather than having each of those always being shown with all 3 stages, is there a way to only have all 3 show only if it’s parent is checked as yes for being quoted?

Thank you in advance,


(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

David, so the sheet has 18 columns (6 X 3) for this information, plus an extra 6 columns (for each category, is it being quoted). Is this correct?

And you have a form in which you want to show the 3 specific questions for a category only if it is being quoted?

You can use the Show_If constraint for those three columns. For example: {Category1] = true