New make a new sheet

Hello there beautyfull people.
I want to use appsheet as for my clients to pass orders. Usualy when you add an entry it add a new column. i want to make a new sheet for each new entry instead. How can i do so?

To add new sheet (say in google sheet) you will need to develop AppsScript, However, I believed that is not your needs. I think, you need to consider about your data structure.


Do you mean you want the AppSheet form that is displayed to be in 10+ languages or a report that can be emailed to be available in each of those languages?

The Covid-19 sample app has a great way to change the actual displayed languages of your app. That is what I will use to personalize the app based on a user’s selected language.

If you want to present data from the app in each language, I think you need a language_ID associated with the each order so the app will know which language template to use when printing/emailig that order’s info sheet. You would need one template for each language and call the correct one based on the language field associated with the order or even better yet with the customer so it only had to be entered once.

Does this make sense? I could be way off on what you want but thought I’d try to help.

I probably didn’t express myself with fluent enough of an english, my appologies if what i asked for was not clear, i shall edit to make what i ask for more clear. Thank you all for your answers.