New on AppSheet and looking to make a invento...

(Dan Ozarchevici) #1

New on AppSheet and looking to make a inventory check app that will scan the barcode and will bring the info about that item and will give you option to either mark as found and move to the next, or give you option to enter a new count (on a different column) to updated and move to the next or if not found to open a form to let you added and once done reopen the scan to move to the next. I can’t get to find a way to have only the Barcode field on a View and once scan to bring the info up with only the count field editable or open a new record and move to the next. I have only 1 data sheet with PRO# (which is the barcode), item description, box count and items count. The Search field works to find the item and bring up the detail view with Found button action which will mark it Found and also has the option to update the Count but I need to be able to make it in a form so i can have this function as save and re-open and to add if not found. How can I make this happen?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

First, I’d suggest you break the data into two entities — Products (Pro#, Item Description) and Checks (Pro#, Date, Box Count, Item Count). The Pro# column in the checks table should be a Ref to the products table and mark it as scannable. The key is probably a multipart key CONCATENATE([Pro#], [Date]).

The form you want should be filling out the Check table with a new row. If the Pro# scanned does not correspond to an entry in the Products table, you’d want to be able to add one. The standard way to do this is by having the Pro# column in the Checks table be a Ref. That way, if the Pro# is not one you already have, you can start a New form to create the Product first.

Now it is going to work fine via the UI if you manually enter a product #, but if you are scanning it in, this should happen automatically. I need to check with @Adam_Stone_AppSheet to see if this is the expected behavior.