New Person Question About Users

New creator and new poster here. Thanks for helping me with a probably very basic question!

I’m an elected official and I’m trying to create an app to log service requests and people’s advocacy. Then, I want to have a back-end that my staff and I can use to follow up and track feedback by issue.

So, the fundamental question is, does the public that is simply completing our form need to be a “user?” Is there a way to make it public for most, but private for my staff?

What’s the best practice here? Thank you!!!


Probably the best solution for you would be to have 2 apps. One with a Publisher licence, which allows unlimited users and no login required (or even allowed). Then have another App using Starter or Core licences that you and your staff can use to get at the data. This later one needs a login. Both Apps will use the same spreadsheet and data.

We are doing a similar kind of thing with this App that we’ve also listed on Google Play and Apple Appstore -


Oh sweet, I didn’t know I could do that! Thanks :slight_smile: