[New Publications] AppSheet Guide Book for beginner (@Japan) - AppSheet dummies

We are thrilled to share that our new publications for “AppSheet guide book for beginner” (AppSheet dummies) are going to be released on upcoming Februrary here in Japan.

We started pre-booking through Amazon web store already.

We hope our new book will encourage the new AppSheet users and to make their onboarding process little easier to become new citizen AppSheet developpers.

Link to Amazon




Congratulations on your publication! I see that you and Mr. @Takuya_Miyai are editors (supervisors?) and that Mr. Toshiyuki Moriya (守屋利之) is the author. I did a little search on the web and found that he has published many books related to the interface of websites and databases. Cool! I’m looking forward to studying the book and introducing it to my Japanese colleagues and students.



That awesome! Do it have English version ?

No, this is just only for those who may have interest in AppSheet, locally in Japan. No English version available.


I searched on Amazon.com for “AppSheet” and this was the only book that came up – even though it’s in Japanese. I’m a little surprised that there are no “how to” books available in English about AppSheet.

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@Kirk_Masden Maybe you should write one :slight_smile: !


I’ve considered writing a guide–though I was thinking of something online rather than printed. The problem I see is that the product changes so fast! It’s a constant effort to keep up to date with the product itself, let alone to keep documentation current.


That’s what I thought too. The basics stay the same (for the most part at least) but it’s definitely a moving target. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the vote of confidence but that’s way above my level. :slight_smile:

Great work @tsuji_koichi! Excited to share with our teams in Japan!



By the way where can I see the contents of the book? I’m looking for detailed information on the efficient testing and debugging method for AppSheet, especially Automation, development. Does the book cover such technique?


Welcome to the community! I can’t answer your question but I hope @tsuji_koichi or @Takuya_Miyai can do so soon – perhaps after the holiday.

I live in Japan and have been telling people about AppSheet for many years now. So far, the most common response has been “never heard of it.” I’m glad to see things starting to change.


Thank you for your response.

How do you debug your flow? How do you validate your flow efficiently. I’m an embedded software engineer. So I’m expecting something like IDE, Integrated Development Environment. Usually such environment has features like step-execution and variable monitoring.

Currently I’m struggling with a bug. I realized one task update a cell in a table unexpectedly. But I can not specify what operation affects badly. If we can have code, I can look at the operation one-step by one-step. But no-code software, I don’t know how to do that. Please tell me the efficient way to specify problems.

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AppSheet does not. AppSheet does not provide many of the features “real” developers have grown accustomed to. That said, if you feel the need for true debugging tools with AppSheet, you’re probably attempting something AppSheet is not designed to handle.