New Recovery-File Structure?

It appears that the structure of Recovery files generated when a sync gets “stuck” has been altered significantly…

Previously recovery files were JSON format expressions of Sync data that contained some helpful information like: All Column Names, Table Name, Operation Type, TimeStamps, etc.

        "tableName": "VenueSpace",
        "row": {
            "_RowNumber": "1168",
            "ID": "ABC123fg",
            "CompanyID": "UPINP6B",
            "VenueSpaceTypeID": "3F0D300",
            "Designation": "Meeting Room",
            "RoomName": "Room 302",
            "RoomName4": "Room 304",
            "VenueMapLocation": "",
            "FloorLevel": "3",
            "UnitOfMeasurement": "Feet",
            "DimensionLength": "38.67'"
        "mechanism": "Form",
        "viewName": "Venue Space Form",
        "type": "UpdateTableRow",
        "actionType": "UpdateTableRow",
        "failureCount": 0,
        "requestId": 90145221,
        "timestamp": "2020-03-27T01:26:00.54Z",
        "timeStamp": "2020-03-27T01:26:00.54Z"

Now, the output appears to have been greatly reduced in both detail and helpful key data.

["1168","ABC123fg","UPINP6B","3F0D300","Meeting Room","Room 302","Room 304","","3","Feet","38.67'"]

This format is easier to move back into the database, but is missing important information for being able to re-integrate it.

Can you help me understand how we (app creators) are supposed to know what table this row belongs to, or what columns are missing from the data?? (as some invariably are when there is a Sync failure)

@Jonathon @MultiTech_Visions @Grant_Stead @tsuji_koichi @Aleksi @LeventK


Escalated internally to encourage a reply.


Much appreciated, @Steve


Any word on this?? I would consider this a “breaking change” and should be given a little more attention.

I’ve heard nothing.

Attn @Arthur_Rallu

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Definitely following this.

@Stefan_Quartemont , when did you first notice the change, 2 days ago? I’ve dealt with plenty of recoveries, but none recently.

Trying to figure out what changed here and when/why


@Jonathon can you comment on this?

@praveen The issue was brought o my attention by Jonathon by virtue of the Data Recovery Tool in “AppSheet Toolbox”. Jon was running recovery files through it and it was breaking. He notified me of this issue and sent me the files in question.


I have some recovery files from May 6th which are in the old format, and the new format recovery files I received were from May 30th… So I can narrow it down to between May 6th → May 30th?

Not sure if this matters for recovery files, but the account ID is 1952251