New row to another tablet using the values in this row

Hi everyone I tried the new feature:
add a new row to another tablet using the values ​​in this row.
I wanted to try not to use the table reference anymore but how can I show the data in a workflow even without a related table?

Check a samle app called “AddNewRow”. You can find it from

Hi @Cannone_Cannone You can add data from another unrelated table to your workflow using Select expressions.


thanks i saw
if I use this function and remove the ref from the table
how can I view the data in the workflow as before?

You can call your records with the suitable Start: expression like…
<<Start: SELECT(TableName[KeyColumName],[ID]=[_THISROW].[ID]>>

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sorry if I have a workflow on a “centering” table with key “id” and in the workflow I would like to insert a “services” table with key “id” how should I write the formula?

Hi @Cannone_Cannone, Here is an example. Check the bottom not related section.

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