New side menu

Hey community!

We want to give a world-class experience to the people using our apps. So we’re refreshing our app design, giving each component in the app some attention. Expect to things to be more minimal and consistent, so that the content takes the foreground.

This week we’re releasing a new side menu. It supports a larger list of menu options, and divides the menu up so that it’s easier to find stuff. We’re putting some basic app information in there as well.

Here’s a preview of what it’ll look like:

Thanks everyone!


Looks smooth!

Yes, new UX indeed looks sleeker and minimal.

I can’t wait and see . Is there option available to create collapsible menu so that end user can drill down to deeper to see target view?


I assume it is related to this works to implement new UI.

On the table view for desk top, the side scroll bar is missing. We are not able to scroll up and down now!! Please have a look.

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I too love the new menu look!!.

But I wonder if there is too much top/bottom padding reducing the number of Menu items that can be shown without scrolling?


Yes, I agree. This menu is a step in the right direction, but now I have to scroll more to see my menu options. Padding should definitely be reduced, and then all would be fine. Good Job!

Thanks for the feedback! I reduced the padding and it’ll be updated for everyone the next time we deploy.


Thanks for the quick response!

Have a Wonderful Day! - Nick Barry RPC

Great! I hope the day will come when the back button does not make the side menu disappear.

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Very exciting - hope that you do not force the display of these three in the menu on whitelabel apps



Is it possible to turn back to the old menu? The new one is not a step forward.

The new one introduces a lot of fill-space between the menu items, which makes the menu twice as long.
At the same time, the icons have moved far away from the edge, so that the space for the menu item’s name is reduced or split into two lines (which makes the menu even longer).

Perhaps this is because too much margin has been added to both the left-right side and the top of the menu.

The move of the app name into the menu is not ideal, as it wastes a lot of space. Please make it optional.


You wont see them once the app white labeled.

Sorry to say that the new menu still wastes too much space and makes it less friendly to view. It sort of hides the menu items and force the user to scroll for no reason. (Logout is not that important to show it all the time)
I preffer the previous menu.
But… when sub menus will be available this might become a minor issue as the list of menu items would be much shorter and less likely to be hidden by the Logout

Thank you
Appsheet is great!


I want to have collapsible menu !


I would love a collapsible menu! This would make it less confusing for my users who currently have to worm their way through multiple menus. Maybe at the bottom of a view in UX - Views, you could have an option like “Menu or Sub-Menu?” and then if you click “Sub-Menu”, it asks which Menu to attach it to.


+1 on the hamburger menu sub-menu functionality…

@morgan here’s a great example of what it could work / look like

This is a cropped version of my android zoho invoice app and i’m the hamburger menu already when the video starts.


This is what i really want to have on Appsheet.

Hi @morgan I notice in the emulator the there is a gap between the icons and the text but on my android phone the icons are still running over the text. Do I need to do anything to avoid this?