New System Generated Action | View this row in detail

Just about every app I make anymore needs an action to view a row in the base detail view, mainly due to use of slices and dashboards.

Since I don’t want to have to create duplicate views for slices for things like (completed_tests, rejected_tests, pending_tests); instead I need an action for when people click on the row, they’re taken to the system generated detail view for that table. (That way, no matter what “status” a record sits everything looks the same.)

I have to create this action each time, for each table that I need this functionality for; otherwise I’m taken to a system generated detail view that’s generated on the fly - which looks typically nothing like my base detail view. :wink:

It would be great if there was a system generated action that took you to the base detail view for each table.

LINKTOROW([Table_Key], "Table_Detail")

As always, thanks for considering! App on my friends! partyparrot (Appsheet)

I wonder if we can come up with an alternative feature request that would accomplish this, as well as some other goals.

For example, off the top of my head and having only put 5 minutes of thought into it, maybe when you generate a slice, you can pick whether its “default” views (detail, form, table) should follow the same UX definitions as the base table (making your action generation not even needed), or whether you expect/want them to be unique (default option).

Hope you can understand where I’m coming from, I think I worded that terribly, I’ll try to come back to this later.


Many things of this nature have been requested over the years, it was my hope that this functionality (going to the base detail view) is used enough through the app (it’s the AUTO option in the event action dropdown) that having a dedicated sys-action would be seen as warranted.

That said: another (perhaps “simpler”) option for this request would be to include that option in the event option dropdown. (But as this is simply a list of the actions for that table… that’s why I chose to form this request in the manner.

The (auto) option is the only thing in event action dropdown that’s not actually represented as an action.

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