New table view type setting - Transposed view

As a starting point of new app on Appsheet, we get started with existing Spreasheet clients hold on Excel or other spreadsheet.

Difficulties are they are formed not in Database style, but in presentable table style as usual.

The data base style I mean, is on the table, new row will be appended at the last, rather than new items will be added as new column.

On excel table, usual client wil add new colum, when the new row is added …

Sorry for being bit complicaed, but it is quite common people will add new “column” upper right rather than append new row to the bottom.

Data base is always database, we need to append new rows to the bottom rather than creating new column.

To present the most “user friendly” type of view, I wish to have option to “transpose” table view while we maintain the data schema, absolutely usual form, new data as new row intead of column.

Hope you all understands what I mean.

As an easy setting, we have option “Transpose” setting, true or not, when we generate table view.

Currently, new row is added, the table grows to vertical direction, but in this suggested new type of table view, the table view will grows to right direction! which is common where people works on excel table.


GANTT CHARTS! :spiral_calendar:

With rows going Left->Right, and a Slice filtered by date, we could build our own Gantt charts and use dynamic values and formatting in each cell!!

Awesome idea, @tsuji_koichi!


Really great idea!

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