New to Appsheet...... 1)Do Appsheet apps hav...

(Tim Meske) #1

New to Appsheet…

1)Do Appsheet apps have the ability to read source data column cells that have formulas and or expressions?

If so, are there limits to the types/complexity of the cell formulas/expressions?

2)If formulas and expressions are allowed in source data columns, is it recommended to leave the formulas and expressions in the spreadsheet table rather than in the Appsheet app?

Thanks! Tim

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

When you have sheet expression in your source, the field will be read_only. Even if the expression is complex, you can solve it with one way or another.

Well… there is no one correct answer. It depends on your structure and needs. The main difference is do you need the answer before or after saving.

(Tim Meske) #3

Thanks for your response! So basically it may create a prob when other functions on the same screen are conditional based on the answer before exiting(saving) the screen?

If other conditional app functions are located on a different screen then the forced save would resolve the issue?

(Taran Bhagat) #4

@Tim_Meske Yes