New to appsheet and have a specific question

i am trying to build an app. it’s an inspection app. i want to be able to add companies which will have basic information such as address and location. then for that company, i want to be able to add pieces of equipment. for each piece of equipment, i have 3 sub menus that in turn have 50 items each to inspect that then in turn have 5 check boxes for each of those. i cannot seem to get all of the sub data to be created for each new company.


<equipment piece 1of infinite><inspection category 1 of 3><inspection item 1 of 50><inspection item check box 1 of 5>

any help would be appreciated. i have something that “sorta” works but it doesn’t add companies with all of the nested tables.

I don’t feel like i want to be someone that does inspections for these companies if its equipment350*5.

How do you have this data broken up?

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It goes company, then multiple pieces of equipment then for each piece of equipment there are three categories - bridge, trolley, controls. Each category has about 50 items to inspect where each item can be satisfactory, needs repair, broken, misc, picture.

Sounds like a logistical nightmare to me. :rofl:

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it’s been “interesting”. does anyone have any suggestions? i was told to try nested forms but i’m not sure if i can nest 3 deep.

Yes you can nest them 3 deep but you will probably want to have a company where you can add equipment items to a table, then when you create equipment you can add items that need to be inspected. From there I would have your 5 check boxes form. Store an answer for each item inspected and maybe associate those with an inspection table. Don’t try to make all of this be done in a single form because then if they close their form they will lose all of their progress which will be frustrating. Use things like slices and format rules to show items that have been completed and not completed along with groupings inside the views to separate into your different category style items. Separation will be key to your success with this app.

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