New to Appsheet | App to Log confirmation of deliveries made

New to Appsheet.

I have a delivery company and I’d like to get some guidance on how I would create an application that my clients can use to see that their deliveries were made.

Delivery information is captured via Google Sheets and contains

  • long and lat of the delivery address
  • receivers name
  • success or failure of delivery
  • digital signature
  • time delivered
    I’d like my existing clients to be able to log in and view the information via the application to reduce the number of confirmation phonecalls I receive daily.

I appreciate any assistance given.

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Hello @tdebique, welcome to the community!

A very common use case you’re describing here; have you checked out the sample apps at

Here’s a search for “Delivery” that has some samples you could check out as a starting point.

There are also a TON of really excellent resources available to help you learn more about what to do to customize your apps.

I would check out as a starting point.

Best of luck!