New to appsheet

Hello everyone,

My name is Jimmy I am new to appsheet and I am really impressed by what appsheet can acomplish. I own a collision center and a independent automotive store, and due to the covid-19, we had to cut extreme costs to survive.

Being comfortable with appscript, I built myself a small CRM and inventory management on sheets, saving over 2,500$ a month. Then, I learned about appsheet and I was blown away.

So, learning about this platform, I have several questions on the limitations.

I want to build a simple CRM solution to manage my customers. Here are the functions i would need :

Schedule tasks
Schedule meetings
Automated messages (can use mailchimp automation for this)
Log calls, emails and texts
Calculate financing options with interest rates and taxes
Send online quotes with E-sign option
Send customer a credit application (could use google forms)

Are those actions doable in Appsheet or I will have certain limitations ?

I know that at some point I might be forced to go back to a real CRM and pay the price, but right now we manage effectively with a sheet, zapier and mailchimp automation.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Put me in coach.
I’ve yet to see much that would be required of a business application that appsheet can’t do…

E-sign, kinda… So you can get a signature, but will it be something you can hold up in court… Meh, maybe…

External users gets kinda interesting, but doable.

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Absolutely doable in AppSheet. You may even be able to leverage most of your apps script code but using form save actions and webhook workflows that can POST to your script.

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Agree with Grant here - external users gets to be problematic license fees wise.

All users will be from the same gsuite domain, and even if we pay 60-70$ a month, it is still a very low fee compared to what we paid.

E-sign is only for the quote to <> the vehicle until the real paperwork is signed.

Thank you for your response,

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Go for it.
The community is very active! Lots of people with lots of solutions.

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