New User: Question about slice appearance on dashboard

I just started using appsheet yesterday and managed to pull together something functional already, so that’s neat. However, I’m just getting confused on a few things and I don’t know if it’s because I cant understand instructions, or I can’t do what I want.

In the attached image, I created a dashboard and have added slices for different weight yarns. I like the way the little cards show up with pics, but they are all showing the slice name in them. Is there any way to use a different row there?

I did try to look it up for myself, but I just keep going in circles.

Is the yarn weight a data value in the records themselves? I don’t think the value you’re seeing is the slice name, it just happens to be the same as the slice name. Are your sub-views “card” views, or “gallery”? They look like “gallery” to me, but I could be wrong. If that is the case, the value being displayed is the Label for that table.

Also, you may have done more work than necessary, by creating a slice for each yarn weight. You can probably get the same/similar result by just setting up a single view (instead of a dashboard of sub-views) for the base Table, and setting “group by” to the [yarn weight] column.


You were bang on the mark about the label. I poked at it, and now it’s showing what I wanted. Thanks!

I did try just grouping by yarn weight, but I have a lot of data to enter which means the page would scroll down a loooong way. I thought maybe using slices would keep the dashboard tidy, and then I can also select the slice name to show all entries in there.

I guess I’m trying to use a slice like a shop category?

Once again, thank you so much for your clear answers. I don’t like asking for help unless I’m really struggling, and I’ve done as much as I can first.