Newbie App design question

Hi ,
I am very new to Appsheet and feeling my way to see whether it will be fit for purpose.

I am collaborating with a friend who is an Ag Nutrition consultant who has some complex EXCEL spreadsheets that calculate Nutritional and financial benefits for particular diets\supplements for cattle etc. He wanted to make a App available for his customers so they can explore and track various diets and their calculated benefits.

There are a few user user inputs but most calculations coming from use of VLookups of other Raw data relating to diet components ant the spreadsheet doing the heavy lifting.

I would like to ensure that the App will behave as expected but I have read to minimise calculations etc to ensure fast syncing of data to the source. We would like graphs and dashboard available to highlight the diet performance etc

My question is what is the best way to structure my App for performance, while maintaining the desired outcomes ?



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If you’re worried about complex calculations slowing your app down, then you should avoid putting these calculations in Virtual Columns, and instead use Real Columns as much as possible.


Your requirements sound pretty complex. I’m not we can provide qualified guidance without knowing a lot more details. I think you would be well served to jump in and experiment with AppSheet. Alternatively, consider engaging an AppSheet partner.

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Thanks for your response - will get in and get my hands dirty first - cheers AY

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Thanks for your response - I will give them a try