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Hi There,
I stumbled across appsheet and have somewhat easily been able to create an app for my business. AMAZING… I am having a few gaps in my knowledge and abilities…
I have created a building survey app (140 item survey) and have a couple of questions.

  1. Appsheet converted my data into tabs… I am trying to find where I can Identify and customise how these tabs appear. At the moment they are labelled Page 1 - Page 24. I would like to reduce the number of tabs and customise the label.

  2. After generating the app from a spreadsheet, I have gone into the WYSIWYG editor and changed the configuration of the columns (ie text to photo etc…) I now need to add columns to my spreadsheet, which will need me to regenerate the column structure - will this affect my formatting and changes within the editor in Appsheet?

With thanks!

Go to the UX, VIEW:

In general, no, it will affect formatting if intentionally you’ve inserts a new column as assign it as a show type column - which further be your Header label to manage those tabs.


Forms can be split across pages, with the method for moving between pages determined by the Page style setting @Heru pointed out.

A page-break within the form is determined by the occurrence of a column of type Show with a Category of Page_Header. The name of the tab is taken from the first of the following column properties with a non-blank value:

  1. Content
  2. Display Name
  3. App formula
  4. The column’s value itself.
  5. Column name

Commonly called the app editor. :slight_smile:

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