Newbie: Can't seem to contact AppSheet Sales. Is this service supported for a Business user?

We are looking to develop a small project to scan barcodes on boxes and to track progress through the office stages aligning info from a spreadsheet inventory and assigning boxes to a person. I am technical and have built a pilot app but time poor so want to find a company who can help with the project. I get no response from AppSheet sales. We are a Google G suite user and the Google Helpdesk didn’t even know AppSheet was part of Google. We are based in Sydney, Australia. I will have a max of 10 users per site , over 3 sites. I’m concerned that as the only technical ( and part time ) guy in the company , if I use AppSheet I’ll be on my own if problems occur so looking for some kind of ongoing support.

Hey Brett - sounds like a great use of the AppSheet service. I’ve built applications on the platform that do exactly this.

Have you emailed

The short answer to your question is yes, AppSheet offers a variety of plans including corporate/business options.