Newbie question BEFORE starting with AppSheet...

(Hasse Hall) #1

Newbie question BEFORE starting with AppSheet:

Is it possible to import personal data from an authority directly to the app without entering it manually in the app or in Google Cloud?!

The idea is that when the app later sends out data at manual sync, a complete result list for the staff will be sent back to the authoritys server, but also a copy without the sensitive personal names to an external server for a statistical service. The external service

is not allowed to store any personal data due to GDPR.

The big problem is that the authority does not approve the storage of personal data on external cloud services (to feed the app), but storing anonymous data for statistics is ok.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Hasse_Hall Hi, could you elaborate on what you mean by “an authority”? Are you referring to a database, such as SQL Server? Or are you referring to an actual server? If you are talking about an actual server, I’m afraid it is not possible.

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Hi, I mean a very large company or for example a police authority controlled by the state. They have of course strict rules on how to export data from their systems. Sending data to a public cloud service was forbidden - and something they laughed at!

However, it seems that they maybe have their own solution, possibly some API. I´ve read that AppSheet can import from a variety of sources, not just Google Sheets. Is there a list for all import sources (more than those listed on the website)? Some kind of connector is also mentioned here in this community, what does it mean more specifically and what data sources can that add?

If they offer me to connect to an hard encrypted connection (SQL Server), would it work with AppSheet? They are worried about how the data comes INTO the app. It seems ok to let the app send OUT data to Google Sheets (if person names are filtered out). At the same time, they want a complete file in return, with everyone’s name and results.

It´s a major client and I would really love to find a solution for my future business: “digitize large corporate education programs”.

Please help!

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #4

@Hasse_Hall Since your scenario seems to be quite involved, I suggest that you send your question to us at A member of our sales team will then work with you to figure out a solution package that will best meet your needs.

(Hasse Hall) #5


Ok, thanks your your reply. I´ve sent an email.