Newbie question: I'm wanting to create my fir...

(Bob Griffiths) #1

Newbie question: I’m wanting to create my first app (Sales/CRM). I have data but I also want to be able to update the “record” as well as make notes for each contact.

I may also need to do an order capture but that may end up being primarily paper-based.


How do I structure the initial data file? (Leave empty columns for the input? Add the empty columns at the end? New sheet? If new sheet, how do I match records?)

If I’m wanting to add pictures, Is that also a separate sheet?


(Jerry Power) #2

Start first on the spreadsheet design.

Think about how you want to lay it out.

That is where you will add the additional columns.

Each column you think you may want, you should name.

To match records you want to use something common.

Maybe it is the contact or maybe the company name.

(Tony Fader) #3

@Bob_Griffiths This article might be helpful for you: - App Design 101

To make it so a single customer can have multiple comments associated, you should have two tables: customers and comments. The comments table should have a reference to the customers table. See this doc for more info:

This app shows an example of it. A property can have multiple audits associated: App Design 101

(Bob Griffiths) #4

@Jerry_Power Thx for responding.

The data came a given way (which wasn’t too bad) so I’m working with it.

That said,

I did allow for empty columns and set the app to be updatable.

(Bob Griffiths) #5

@tony Thx for responding.

I’ll look into that since that’s probably going to be the case.

Can I add a field for a picture as well or is that a separate table?

(Tony Fader) #6

@Bob_Griffiths If you want to allow for many pictures per customer, then make a separate table called “customer pictures” that has a reference to the customer table. If you only need one picture per customer, you can just add a column to your customer table.


Hi Bob, Have you had a look at the sample Apps. There may be one there that would give you some ideas.

(Bob Griffiths) #8

@Lynn Yes, I have kinda but some of it may by better if I watch a couple tutorial videos.

Thx or your suggestion. :slight_smile: