Newby question - can the app create a new spreadsheet on google drive for each user

Hi -
i have a personal project that i used appsheet for…

I am just tracking my food and my personal info -
put in a weight chart…
and have a list for daily check boxes and for like things I am grateful for…
simple stuff. but love the platform and how easy it was to figure out how to do it.

No one else is using my data for anything… it lives in my google drive.
and I don’t want to share my data.

NOW, I have a small mastermind group that is interested in my app!
so i am trying to explore how to export it for them…
my question is -how does it work if I want for them to have their own “spreadsheet”
on their own google drive?
basically the age old question of where is data stored …

in this case, I would want the app to make them use their own fresh clean google spreadsheet…
for the duration of time they use the app. this is way more complex, I realize…

I also see that most of the solutions here want to share data across the business.
so I didn’t find anything about this in the topics - i did look… and found out about lines of data and security around only seeing what you put in unless you are a manager…) so forgive me if this is covered somewhere.

hope that is clear.

I believe what you are looking for is private tables.

I dont think appsheet can make these tables for you though, these would still need to be manually created but maybe im wrong,

Read this article:


@Jonathan_S The app will generate these private tables automatically.


Note well that private tables can easily become a nightmare, both to develop with and to support. Private tables are best used only by experienced app creators.

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