Next record navigation arrow doesn't work after action (After action the record is considered end of list)

Hello, I have an issue that recently started occurring in one app but not another (I’ve compared the two for any differences that I could think of that might cause the issue).

The Issue: after using/performing an action the next record button (the arrows on the sides to navigate) stops working. I can use the previous record button to go back however, it takes me to the last entry instead of the original position (another way to phrase this would be, after using an action on a record, the record is treated as being at the end of the list.) Here is also a visual representation. I have 5 records being displayed in this order, 1. Apple, 2. Banana, 3. Grape, 4. Orange, 5. Pear. after using an action on record 3. Grape the navigation buttons think the order is now 1. Apple, 2. Banana, 4. Orange, 5. Orange, 3. Grape.

Useful Information:
I have a similar app that functions correctly.
They are both using a filtered view using a slice and with grouping and sorting.
They both use a group action that changes 3 fields in a record, the same types of fields too.
The changes to the fields does cause the record to no longer be applicable for the slice (this is the same for both apps).
The only differences I between the apps that I could find that may of had an impact is that the problem app was edited recently, the issue didn’t exist before the change however the changes themselves shouldn’t have caused this issue (I could be wrong).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions that might help please feel free to ask.

The order of the rows show in the views is determined entirely and exclusively by the sorting set in the view configuration itself. Nothing in the table configuration, the slice configuration, or any other configuration affects the order.