Nextdoor sister app for community resource sharing

I’m three beers in, but hear me out, I see @School_Bus is already ahead of me on deploying tools for our communities:

A simple app template that can be copied and rapidly deployed by Nextdoor moderators nationwide to share needs for goods and services on a micro level. People already had leaky roofs, bad plumbing and food shortages before this crisis started, I see a lot of people trying to figure out how to help, they need a simple sharing tool they can control and trust.

Nextdoor users have already mail verified membership to the group so they just have to send the moderator an email address to be added to the community app. Can be autonomously run by the Nextdoor neighborhood associations, less fear of publishing needs or donations publicly and fostering the type of micro-activism we may need in the coming weeks.

Thanks for considering this, if this is a good idea, I’d like to see a coalition around the effort instead of many ‘spin-off’ version that might get confusing when different neighborhoods try to collaborate. Maybe there’s an official App template sanctioned on the appsheet template page as the recommended solution. I’ve seen how well all of you people work well to share ideas and improve process, we can make a huge difference with something like this. Keep it simple, stay safe everyone!

Best wishes,
Neal Harper

@praveen I dare your team to launch this in 48 hours. :wink:

  • extra bonus points if we can gamify the volunteer stats somehow, digital scarcity a la Pokemon for “volunteer vouchers” or something that some people or business may choose to reward later… I do not encourage a leader board for competition, more like a bank account you can choose to show off. Again, I steal all my good ideas, think Pokemon activism. This is beer number four, stop me anytime.

Thanks for your time,

Stay tuned we have something coming shortly! :slight_smile:


The sample app is now live. COVID-19 Community Support App!


Looking forward into diving into this, thank you so very much!!!

Best wishes to you and the team!