NFC scan - seriously flawed functionality?

NFC scanning with appsheet seems “broken” but hopefully there’s a fix!

When scanning NFC tags that contain URL data the first part of the URL is cut off and breaks the links every time. At first I thought it was an issue with bytes allowed in the Text type column but after some googling I found this Topic that seems to establish the text type column can hold a single line of an undetermined length that makes me think it’s not a data type problem but something else entirely.

Please take a look at these screen shots showing the tags actual payload vs the AppSheet scan result.

Tag 1 payload = | Scan Result =

Tag 2 Payload = | Scan Result =

Tag 3 Payload = | Scan Result =

I really need URLs to work…
Hoping to get some visibility on this so please chime in with your thoughts!



Please contact AppSheet Support for help with this. That’s the best way to get this apparent bug in front of the developers.

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Will do, thanks.

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