NFC tag scanning and truncation of tag content


I am using NFC tags extensively in my apps to track inventory and provide chain of custody data for my products.

Each product I create in my apps becomes an individual e-commerce product with a unique URL like this:

where the final value after the right most slash is a column value [InventoryID ] from my apps

Currently I write my NFC tags with an InventoryID but I would like to start writing the full product URL (which I know even before the product is created since its always the same URL structure ending with an InventoryID)

When I scan a NFC tag that has the full product URL written to it the data is truncated, the portion removed seems to always be from the left side meaning my InventoryID at the end of the URL is preserved….

My questions/concerns are:
Is it a bad idea for me to use full URLs on my NFC tags and split at final “/” to capture and use only the InventoryID value from the URL to keep same functionality in my apps?

Will the string length for NFC scan capture change in the future? Will it truncate differently ever or is it set at some sort of standard?

Why would I want to do this?
It allows anyone with modern smartphone to read the physical NFC tag and be directed to the product page on my website
I can continue using the tags for their original purpose: creating products and tracking inventory in my appsheet apps

Let me know if you guys have any questions, happy to clear up any confusing bits… also if anyone has questions about using NFC tags with your appsheet apps Ive built some tools for writing my tags relatively quickly using appsheet to generate QR codes that then can be imported from camera to nfc writing app and written to tag.