NFC UID reader

Is it possible to make an app that reads the UId of NFC tag. We can put the UID as first record in the tag but the problem is NFC tags can be cloned. I need the app to read the tag UID and show it in a textbox.

Let me check this from our devs.

I’ve done quite a bit of testing, about a year ago… It did NOT, I had to force text values to each NFC, pain in the butt… Would love it if it could read the UUID…

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Writing the value to NFC tag is not a solution as I dont want the user to clone the tag.

Agreed, further, Appsheet won’t read them encrypted either.

You could use an external UID reader.

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Unfortunately you are not able to read the UId at this moment. It’s something we could do, but we haven’t done that yet.