No answer from support

Hi @praveen,
On the 24 of July I send a support request to the support team, and I have no answer.
I send an email last week, and I contact the support person by chat, and still have no answer.
I´m creating an App for a company in Peru and I need to know how to fix the error.
Thanks for your response.

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Have you checked you spam folder? It’s not uncommon for Support messages to end up in spam.

Attn @Harsh_Ch

Hi Steve,
Yes, I did and no email from support was arrived to the spam folder

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I’ll escalate this internally.

Thanks a lot Steve!

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Hi Steve,
24 hours ago I get this answer from support:


Apologies for the delay in the response here. I am able to reproduce this issue in my local app and I have passed this to the Engineers in the US time. They will take a look at this and get back to you.


And still have no answer from nobody…I need to know how long will take to solve this issue, or how can I fix it from my side, and my client is getting anxious, it’s been almost two weeks now that I report this issue.


Thanks a lot!!


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Solve it thanks Steve

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