"No app can handle url" error

Got an error that has started randomly appearing on some devices, seems to be completely independent of device or user logged in. It’s also happening on several versions of the same app that is used by different companies. I got alerted to it about 2 weeks ago by one person but as it was on only 1 device, I blamed their device and told them to re-install the apps. Today, it happened on my phone, but not my tablet, as is still happening on y phone even though I have reinstalled google sheets (The app that is being opened by the link).

Anyone else experienced this or know how to fix it? I’ve been using the app for almost a year now and never seen it before.


@AviSyst_Admin, Thanks for reporting this.
A fix for this issue is coming in the next update from the Playstore (v 14.6.2) which users should be getting in the next few days.
If you’re still seeing this error after getting the update, please let me know.