No dates in app editor?!

I never noticed this before but today I was trying to determine when I had made a copy of a particular app and found it do be surprisingly difficult. The version history only shows versions numbers – no dates. Perhaps I missed it but I couldn’t find a single spot in the AppSheet editor that showed when the app was first made and when the last change to it occurred. Since I use AppSheet with Google sheets, I am able to get an idea of when I started working on a particular app by looking at the sheet, but that’s not very intuitive or convenient.

Question 1: Am I correct that the AppSheet editor doesn’t provided dates of when creation and editing occurred or have I just failed to look in the right spot?

Question 2: If I’m right about Question 1, should I post this as a feature request? A related question is Am I the first one to write about this? I searched for “date” with the “editor” tag but came up empty handed. It may have been posted somewhere else but they are so many posts with the keyword “date” that I prefer not to try to wade though them now.

If dates really are completely missing from the editor and the topic has not come up before, I find that rather surprising. The “creation” and “last edit” dates are usually very easy to check on computer files.

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In retrospect, I have to admit that I asked a pretty stupid question. I should have clicked on “Get version history” (which, of course, I have done many time in the past for other reasons).

Still, the last date of edit isn’t visible at the “Editing *** version” spot. One has to click one more time. That winds up being quite a few clicks if one counts from “My Apps.” It would be nice if the date of the last edit were closer to the surface, preferably visible (perhaps with one additional click) in My Apps.

Of course, I never really noticed this until recently so I can’t say that it’s a major issue but, just the same, I would certainly prefer to have “My Apps” show dates on the surface as the Google sheets interface does.

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