No error but warning appears

Hi there,
Month ago I put this formula in the UX VIEW Shof_If constraint
OR(IN(USEREMAIL(), Adresy mailowe[Menadżerowie]), IN(USEREMAIL(), Adresy mailowe[ZESPOŁY]))
and everything was fine till yesterday. Now there is a yellow note/warning which wasn’t there before.
I have a spreadsheet just for the email addresses of app users called “Adresy mailowe” and inside few columns for “departments” let’s say.
I need to limit specific users.
Anyone can help? Maybe I cannot pick something out?

It maybe that it doesn’t see either Adresy mailowe[Menadżerowie] or Adresy mailowe[ZESPOŁY] as a list. Try removing one to find out which works. Then try ecapsualting in either
LIST(Adresy mailowe[Menadżerowie])
Select(Adresy mailowe[Menadżerowie],TRUE)
to force Appsheet to see it as a list. Cant be more specific as aI dont know your data structre

@mateo May I ask what that warning is?

This is the warning
“This formula is not evaluated in the context of a row, so column values are not available”

Thanks for the feedback. Maybe it doesn’t see those columns as a list but the question is why it stopped seeing it like this? Everything was fine as I mentioned, till yesterday. I will try your idea.Thanks @1minManager :slight_smile:

Sometimes Appsheet changes the way equations work. Especially the syntax they are expecting. I’ve seen it 2-3 times before

This is a generic warning and is actually not a reflection of your particular expression. There is nothing wrong with your expression.

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Ok, thanks but I still do not understand why it does not work despite it worked 2 days ago.
I will et you guys know when find the solution :slight_smile:

What doesn’t work?

The formula. I haven’t changed anything. It stopped working. Users are not limited.

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So the view appears in the main menu or along the bottom navigation bar for users that are not in either list?

Main menu. I solved this problem with the @1minManager idea but I am trying to understand what happened. That’s it.

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Which of his suggestions worked for you?

LIST(Adresy mailowe[Menadżerowie]) this one.
Thank you, guys.
Btw is there any way for a private consultation about some AppSheet features with someone from AppSheet team?

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Without a better idea of what you’re looking for, your best bet is to start with

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Gramercy! :slight_smile:
I think we can lock the topic

@mateo this feels like a bug. Your formula should not flag that warning.

I have flagged my colleague @natalie who works on our app compiler