No IOS setting to change Image uploaded to pick file instead of using camera by default

According to this article there should be a setting in IOS to change the default behavior of the image picker to give an option to select a photo from the camera roll.

Capturing Images on iOS Devices

On iOS devices, the camera is launched by default. To enable browsing of photos from the camera roll, do the following:

  1. From the iOS home screen, click Settings to open the device Settings app.
  2. Scroll to and click AppSheet . It will be present if you have AppSheet installed on your iOS device.
  3. Under Camera , set Prompt for Camera Roll to On .

But on IOS for iPad Pro 13.5.1, no such option exists under Camera. There is only toggle to turn the camera on or off. And under “Camera” section there is just an option to “Save photos to camera roll”

Around one month ago maybe I was able to get around this by running the App in Safari on the iPad. If I did that it would use the browser default behavior that is described in the article and go the the file picker instead of opening the camera. But the behavior of the app while running in Safari (or Chrome) in iPad now seems no longer to do this.

I am using AppSheet 13.9.1.

How can I get an image from the camera roll?

To clarify are you just wanting the app to ask which option you want? The option for this toggle is UX > Options > Allow image input from gallery and you can toggle on/off

Or are you asking if you want it to ask for file automatically rather than pull up camera?

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