No response from user invited to share the ap...

(Joseph Pentheroudakis) #1

No response from user invited to share the app: what does that mean?

I have shared the app with a user email. The user email appears in the Approved Users Whitelist, but there is a no response comment next to their email:


"" (no response)

Send reminder!

No idea what that means; I manage the user account for now, didn’t see anything other than the invitation to edit the Google spreadsheet, which I had already done on the backend (and which I believe Google had sent, not the app).

Everything works on the user device: I have dowloaded the AppSheet app from the Appstore, logged into the app (well, ok, there’s a glitch here, where I have to log in first as the editor, log out, and only then can the user log in; I’ve reported this separately), and have been using with no problems.

So what kind of response is the system exactly waiting for? Sending a reminder as prompted does exactly nothing.


(Grant Stead) #2

I think currently it just means that they have an appsheet account, but most users won’t even have an actual appsheet account… So they will show up as not responded even though they are using the app… @praveen

(Joseph Pentheroudakis) #3

@Grant_Stead I see that Praveen posted about this a few days ago. Praveen, do users really need to have an AppSheet account?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

+Charlie Wells let’s say you have invited to your app which requires signin. That email is on the user whitelist. That user would have received an email asking them to use the app.

However, in order to use the app, they would first have had to signin with that email account. So AppSheet would certainly have a record of that. If on the other hand has never ever signed into AppSheet, then we indicate that to you.

I suspect the problem is something to do with what you said above — “I have to sign in first as the editor …”. That sounds problematic. You’d only need to sign in on a devcie as the user.

(Joseph Pentheroudakis) #5

@praveen thanks Praveen. Once I go through the sign-in dance everything works fine. I have been able to sign in as the user, assuming I’ve signed in and then signed out first as me on the device. I don’t intend for the user to be an editor of the app; they just need to be allowed to edit the backend, which I’ve done and it’s been working fine. So I suppose that means that AppSheet knows the user.

Why the extra step is necessary is a mystery to me.

Can I uninvite the user account and then reinvite them, see if that clears the deck?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #6

A few clarifications:

a) users of your app don’t need and usually shouldn’t have access to your backend spreadsheet. They only need access to your app and they can edit the data via the app. In your app’s security pane in the editor, go to the Security filter tab and make sure ech table is marked as access ‘as app creator’ and not ‘as app user’ b) your users should be able to sign in and use the app. it should never need anything like your first signing in and then signing out. My suspicion is that you aren’t actually signing out and that is why the user never registers as signing in. In the editor, go to Users -> Links and find the browser link to start the app. It should look like

Copy that. In a fresh browser window, first sign out of AppSheet by opening . Then open the app via that copied url. It should prompt you for a signin. Try to sign in as the user you invited. If that fails, there is a problem that should be resolved.

Most likely the user’s email is not accurately in the whitelist or the authentication provider doesn’t match up or something like that.

(Joseph Pentheroudakis) #7

@praveen thanks, I’ll give that a try. When I log out on the device I do that through the app Log Out option.

All my tables are indeed marked with App Creator access only. So is it the case then that Appsheet accesses them as app creator even when they’re being edited by users logged in as users via the app? Or something like that? That’s really nice, since that would prevent users from signing in on the backend and sneakily editing the data.

(Joseph Pentheroudakis) #8

@praveen I logged off the browser and logged back in using the browser link, that didn’t help.

I ended up deleting the user account and inviting them back in, which fixed the problem. I can now sign in as that user on either user iPad and I can see the app.