Non-adjustable formula

Is there a way to make the form after saving non-modifiable?

Yes, it’s just a matter of identifying the criteria and constructing a formula.

You can make columns un-editable (individually) by the Editable If formula

You can hide the “Edit” button for the table in question in the Behavior>Actions panel

You might have to scroll to the bottom and “Show system actions”

For the criteria, you just have to find something that makes sense from your data.

  • [Date] = TODAY() (Careful with this one, what happens when they need to edit something later?)
  • [Status] = "Complete"
  • isnotblank([Signature])
  • etc.

Another thing you might do is literally create a field in your table to hold this lock information for the record.

  • Name: Record_Lock
  • Type: Yes/No
  • Initial Value: false

Then you could give people control over locking things (either in the form or with actions), and base your formulas off that.

[Record_Lock] = false

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Does this row exist in the table? Is this an existing row?

IN([_ROWNUMBER], table-name[_ROWNUMBER])
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More like:

IN([RowID], table-name[RowID])


I have a column and want after filling in the form it is not editable

maybe put something like this ISBLANK([_THIS]) in the Editable If?

However, this option cannot be undone when the column type is Yes No
Is there a way to make the type optional but when saving it cannot be undone

What I do in this case is use an Action to change the lock-value, set to run on the form save event.

So while inside the form, they can do whatever - but as soon as they save, the lock is changed and they can’t modify anything again.

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