Not able to add a picture to smartsheets on initial record add but able to insert a picture after record saves

I am using smartsheet to store my data and I am no longer able to save a picture from the app on the initial record. It was working fine a few days ago but now I continually get the following message.

Unable to add/edit/delete row in table ‘ActionLog’. → Cells containing system values cannot be inserted or updated through the API, columnId : xxxxxx → Error updating cell(s) in Smartsheet.

If I add all the text info and save/sync the record I am able to go back in and update the record after it syncs then add a picture with no problem. I used to have this issue before I went to the paid version and that seemed to resolve the issue. Now out of nowhere the issue is back and not sure how to fix the problem.

It will add the record to smartsheets initially with the picture but it just keeps trying to save the record and not clear it out of the client and every time it syncs it adds the same record with the picture but the client doesn’t recognize its in there so the next time it syncs it adds a new record.

Also I can add additional records but they do not sync and the only thing I can do to stop it from continually trying to save is reset all the data in the client and I loose everything entered.

I am continually adding new fields and making changes so I am not sure if I accidently turned off something or if there is a switch I turned on or off to cause this issue.

I have another sheet and the same app that I just tested and it uploads a picture fine on the initial save. I checked the settings for both forms and do not see any configure changes.

Just to clarify, I just added a record and it failed so I reset the changes but the record saved into smartsheets and appeared on the form. The app shows the error but its saving to smartsheets but the real problem becomes any record that is put into the app after that record does not save and is deleted after the reset and is permanently lost.

Hello, were you able to solve the problem? I have exactly the same situation.