Not able to send Sms in workflow

Following error occurs

“Errors”: "Error: SMS send request to +918806171711 failed The From phone number +918577633228 is not a valid, SMS-capable inbound phone number or short code for your account

It sounds that you are trying to use the SMS feature outside of US or Canada. For that purpose you would need to create your own Twilio account. Please check this article…

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I have already created it… Got ID and token, oath… But what I understand is that they have given me number for USA… I am from India and want to send Sms to Indian customers only… They don’t have number for India. Is there any alternative way???

As far as I know… I don’t know any workaround for this.

Thanks for your quick response.
What I conclude is “appsheet users from India can’t use SMS workflow at present. And we have to wait for twilio to make presence in India or appsheet to add more platforms other than twilio…”

Sorry to hear that. I know you know, but Push Notification will do almost same as SMS, so stay with that option until Twilio does things for you.

Okay… Thank you for being helpful as always…

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You might try sending an SMS through an Indian SMS provider using an Appsheet webhook.

Simon Robinson is doing this in the UK. He is sending SMS messages to English customers using a webhook that invokes a British SMS provider.

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As @Phil stated, if Twilio (which is what AppSheet uses) itself doesn’t support your region there are is a huge number of similar SMS providers that are dedicated to different regions. I found this resource for you:

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How to integrate these with appsheet??

Thanks for your valuable suggestions… Let me try