Not getting values from a referenced table

I have two tables set us as below:


• The Survey Set Id column references the table below & is the Key
• The “Yes Count”, “No Count” & “Maybe Count” columns reference the “Total Yes”, “Total No” & “Total Neutral” columns of the below table through the Reference column above



• The Survey Set Id column references the first table
• “Total Yes”, “Total No” & “Total Neutral” columns are virtual columns which count the total respective responses in the “Response” column – This is working correctly and totals are getting computed.

Problem is that the “Yes Count”, “No Count” & “Maybe Count” columns of the first table are showing blanks values.

I even tried a direct COUNT(SELECT(Survey.[Response], AND(_THIS ROW[Survey Set Up Id] = [Survey Set Up Id], [Response]= “Yes”))) in the “Yes Count column of the first table - that is without using the referencing route - and go the same result - blanks

Can anyone explain why this is so…

Other referenced columns in the 2nd table like the Survey Date are coming fine……

Hello @Sitalia, I think the issue is that you’re using normal columns (Yes Count, No Count and Maybe Count) to display information that is being continously updated, since they are referencing virtual columns, for this to work i’d advise turning those columns to virtual columns.

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Thanks Rafael…made virtual columns instead as suggested by you - still does not work - still getting blanks only…checked in “View Data” for the table just to be sure

I used LOOKUP() in the Virtual column and it worked…seems the standard dereference expression does not fetch values from a Virtual Column, possibly because it is dynamic