Not showig some UID values either the correct Base type

This never happend before, I set an EnumList column with a Ref Base type, set in to show Buttons, but still showing dropdown type.

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You’ll need to set the list of dropdown values. Add this to the Valid_If expression:


This is an expression that will return ALL key values from the Table UEN. It might look weird to some but in your case you have the Table and Key column named the same.

If you do not wish to see other values already recorded on existing rows, then uncheck the “Allow other values” setting.


I do the same with Suggested Values.
Also you can make any expression that gives a list of values, that way you can limit the options given to the user. Obviously this list has to be gathered from the table you have ref configured and also making sure you are listing the key of them

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Thanks, I used this kind of expression in a similar example.
A small correction to you expression, I think it goes without the () it must be UEN[UEN]


Yes you are absolutely correct!