Not sorted as in the spreassheet document

Hi team,
I have a list of users sorted by quantity of times that it appears en main database.
But when I want to create a new row the drop list of users to select appears sorted as I created in the initial spreadsheet document.
How can i solve it?


You need a list sorted by the order that they are in the spreadsheet?

ORDERBY( list , [_rownumber] )

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Where list is a list of key column values from the rows to sort.

See also:


No Marc, I need the opposite, I want to sort (max to min) as a “count of times” (row of my appsheet) that one user has been selected.

I attached example of spreadsheet. In appsheet appears in same order and i want to sort by counts from max to min.


Missatge de Marc Dillon via AppSheet Creator Community del dia dt., 31 de març 2020 a les 20:26:

Please review the article for ORDERBY() that @Steve supplied above. There is an optional argument you can supply to sort in descending order.

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