Not sure what is the best, but allow me ask a question

Now Enum , Enumlist, auto-generated List type data fields do have a setting to select “which table you are refering to?”
Appsheet is currently not throwin No Error nor alert if there is mismatch between the table/slice name where the expression is refereing to AND the table/slice which the base type with ref is refering to.

I see bunch of question and post here recently, which is solved by proper settings, filling the gaps between expression and base type table/slice names.

I m not entirely sure what is the best approach, but if there is mismatch between those settings, once again 1) table/slice name expression is refering to and 2) the table/slice name where base ref type settting is refering to, what do we app creator should expect?

For now, I m on the own conclution that Appsheet should throw an error message, the app is not runnable just because of this mismatch, in order to give a head up to the app creator to guide the app creator to take a corrective action so that app should work as we expected.

What do you think?


I have to first ask… What kind of mis-match are you referring to that will make the app not runnable? If you have an example that might help.

I believe there are circumstances where the table/slice sources may not match between the Ref base type and the expression table/slice.

For one example, lets say an app uses a slice to limit the selections a user has available based on some user type plus other criteria. So User A is presented a completely different list of choices than User B. We still want User A to be able to “see” the selections made by User B. By “see” I mean a list item properly resolved to its Label value. If we used the same slice as the Ref base type and in the expression, User A would only see the ID’s chosen by User B with the yellow warning symbol - not the Label. Why? Because none of the values User B chose are considered valid for User A so the slice would filter them out.

Instead, we would need to make the Ref base type the main table while using the slice in the Valid_If expression. This allows the slice to limit the presented choices when selecting list items. But when showing the selected values in a detail or table view, the Ref base type will be used to properly resolve the already chosen list items.

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Yes, that is the mismatches i mentioned.

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