Not syncronizing... Any problem?...

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Not syncronizing… Any problem?

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Can you help me to understand @praveen @Ryan_Bundt_AppSheet? This is the AUDIT record:



“Operation”: “Add row”,

“AppTemplateName”: “MiClubv3-326606”,

“TableName”: “ComandasDetalle”,

“tzOffset”: “240”,

“settings”: “{”_RowNumber":“0”,"_EMAIL":“guest”,"_NAME":“Guest”,"_LOCATION":"",“CodigoClub”:“UhdZ1MIg9msypzcR”,“Usuario”:“kZD7Hzj9”,“PIN”:“54321”,“Country Option”:"",“Language Option”:"",“Option 5”:"",“Option 6”:"",“Option 7”:"",“Option 8”:"",“Option 9”:"","_THISUSER":“onlyvalue”}",

“apiLevel”: “2”,

“isPreview”: “false”,

“checkCache”: “true”,

“locale”: “es-BO”,

“location”: “-16.496996, -68.134763”,

“appTemplateVersion”: “1.001131”,

“localVersion”: “1.001131”,

“timestamp”: “2017-12-28T14:36:45.028Z”,

“requestStartTime”: “2017-12-28T16:23:51.598Z”,

“lastSyncTime”: “2017-12-28T14:13:23.2439178Z”,

“appStartTime”: “2017-12-28T16:18:08.568Z”,

“dataStamp”: “2017-12-28T14:13:23.2439178Z”,

“clientId”: “c077e6ab-fb3b-47a7-90e7-84f9c483af30”,

“build”: “8e139494a7d23f60fa73-1514334023995-e52fe597f”,

“requestId”: “34650083”,

“Performance”: “{“Version”:1,“Time”:“00:03:01.6457058”,“PerformanceTimingRoot”:{“Mid”:1,“Params”:{“ParamList”:[{“Pid”:13,“Value”:“ComandasDetalle”}]},“Timer”:{“Time”:“00:03:01.6457058”},“Children”:[{“Mid”:3,“Timer”:{“Time”:“00:03:01.6442071”},“Children”:[{“Mid”:100,“Timer”:{“Time”:“00:03:01.5813698”},“Children”:[{“Mid”:108,“Timer”:{“Time”:“00:03:01.5813671”},“Children”:[{“Mid”:62,“Timer”:{“Time”:“00:00:00.5680761”}},{“Mid”:101,“Timer”:{“Time”:“00:03:01.0131852”},“Children”:[{“Mid”:23,“Timer”:{“Time”:“00:00:00.0461324”},“Children”:[{“Mid”:28,“Timer”:{“Time”:“00:00:00.0461270”},“Children”:[{“Mid”:30,“Timer”:{“Time”:“00:00:00.0358838”}},{“Mid”:29,“Timer”:{“Time”:“00:00:00.0050748”}}]}]},{“Mid”:21,“Timer”:{“Time”:“00:03:00.9664560”},“Children”:[{“Mid”:25,“Timer”:{“Time”:“00:03:00.9638061”}}]}]}]}]}]}]}}”,

“ReturnedFromCache”: false,

“DisconnectDetected”: false,

“Result”: “Failure”,

“ResultError”: “Unable to add/edit/delete row in table ‘ComandasDetalle’. → Unable to obtain concurrency control lock for provider ‘google’ source ‘DocId=1ZIcTJVxkxqeexEer5smTJiSvGRCqXDAqWsbzvolKK84’.”,

“ResultException”: "Jeenee.DataTypes.SpreadsheetException: Unable to obtain concurrency control lock for provider ‘google’ source ‘DocId=1ZIcTJVxkxqeexEer5smTJiSvGRCqXDAqWsbzvolKK84’.\r\n

at Nirvana.Data.DataLayer.AppendTableRows(Context context, Op op, String appTemplateName, Int32 ownerId, AppTemplate appTemplate, AppTable appTable, List1 colTypes, List1 keyPositions) in q:\git\Jeenee\V2API\DataLayer\DataAccess.cs:line 260\r\n

at Nirvana.Internal.InternalAPI.AddTableRowInternal(Context context, Op op, Int32 userId, AppTemplate appTemplate, AppTable thisDataSet, ItemSchema thisSchema) in q:\git\Jeenee\V2API\InternalAPI\AddDeleteUpdate.cs:line 382\r\n

at Nirvana.Internal.InternalAPI.PerformOperation(Context context, Op op, Int32 userId, String appTemplateName, String tableName, String appTemplateVersion, Boolean& success, String& errorMessage, Exception& errorException, Boolean forceVersion, UpdateModeEnum requiredUpdateMode, RowOperation rowOperation) in q:\git\Jeenee\V2API\InternalAPI\AddDeleteUpdate.cs:line 275",

“RecordType”: “Stop” }

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@Fernando_Lopez I’m adding @Harry to assist.


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@Fernando_Lopez Hi Fernando, this error occurs when there are a large number of users making changes to the app at the same time. This is because only a single operation can be applied to the app’s Google sheets at a time. Normally, since each operation takes a very short time, multiple operations can be quickly processed in succession. However, if a large number of requests are sent at the same time, the error will occur.

Our records indicated that so far there have been more than 600 app operations in your app today. About 300 came from your account. The other 300 came from anonymous users (app users who didn’t sign in). A large number of these operations occurred at around the same time, which led to the error that you saw.

To fix this problem, I suggest that you ask your users to avoid using the app all at the same time. If your users run into this error, you can instruct them to wait for a few minutes before trying to sync again.

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If I use MySQL database instead of Google sheets, Does it run faster? And support concurrent operations? And many concurrent users?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #7

@Fernando_Lopez Yes, a traditional database such as MySQL or SQLServer is designed to support multiple concurrent requests. Based on your app’s current usage, I believe a free MySQL database on Google or Amazon RDS should be more than enough to meet your needs.

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@Harry I was not able to find a free MySQL service on google. Can you kindly provide a link to more information please?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #9

@Christian_Farley2 I apologize, it seems my information is not up-to-date. Currently there’s no longer any free tier in Google Cloud SQL. Instead, you can still try the free tier in Amazon RDS. However, please note that this might change in the future. - Amazon RDS Free Tier – Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon RDS Free Tier – Amazon Web Services (AWS)