Not the same view/info in phone user app vs what appsheet shows in app preview on computer

The picture shows what it looks like in preview on computer in the creator. This is how i want it, ref the red categories on february 13. But on the phone, in the user app it doesnt show anything in monthly, weekly or daily view. It shows only a blank calendaer. This must be a system bug and not anything i have done wrong? I’ve off course saved, syncronised and logged in and out.

Hi Linda - do you have any security filters, slices or ‘Show If’ conditions setup that may restrict access?

I’t’s based off a slice. No security filters i know of. Its user defined, but nothing else. Think its strange that the results differs from preview.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by ‘user defined’? What conditions do you have in the slice?

Only condition is that each user only can see their own info. [Registrert av] = USEREMAIL()
And the slice is read only.

Peter, i checked my testing app that is not deployed from app gallery on the phone. And it’s working there. BUT, my deployed version does not show any events/registrations. I can’t find any differences between deployed and not deployed. Everything is the same. Just wanted to let you know :slight_smile: I’ve also been reading in this forum for several hours but without finding any answers :slight_smile:

If you’re certain you are testing your deployed app with the same email you’ve used to build it (so you know there’s data that slice will display), I’d reach out to to try to investigate more closely.

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Thank you for your time! I’ve sent a request to support now :slight_smile:

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